Saturday, April 17, 2010

Climb, Lunch, Climb, Climb

A couple of month's ago, my friend Taya gave me a duct tape wallet that has a picture of a bicycle on it and says BIKE SLUT. It made me laugh so hard because when it comes to loving bicycles I couldn't be more slutty. I love road biking and all the spandex chamois shorts, jerseys, cycling gloves, and clipless pedals that goes with it. I love using a bicycle for transportation, for errands, in the sun and in the rain. I've even made bicycle tracks through snow. I love wearing high heel leather boots and skirts on my bike and I can't wait to try out my bicycle umbrella. I love seeing parents with a kid on the back or a kid on the front. Or maybe, a kid on the back and the front. I've been known to take my little dorkie, Dexter, for a ride or two.

What made me smile yesterday was when I saw my wallet and my keys sitting on the hutch and there wasn't a car key in sight. Just two bike keys and a house key and my Japan key chain. I've only driven my car two times this year and I just keep the key in a drawer for when I need it. I just love that and I love my BIKE SLUT wallet. Of course, the best thing about this wallet is it spreads joy. It makes people laugh and tell me about how they love bikes. I will use this wallet until it wears out and then cry when I have to replace it.

I'm still easing my back into serious riding so today was just a three trips up Tabor ride. Well, it was one trip up, a stop at HA & VL for bahn mi sandwiches and Vietnamese iced coffee, a trip to Fubonn to look for a tea strainer, then back to Tabor for two more trips to the top. That's probably about 1300 feet of climbing and my back did great. A good doctor, a great PT and being more upright have made all the difference.

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