Friday, July 9, 2010

Sending Off Amie

Yesterday, we went for a thirty mile ride in the heat. It was my first real ride in hot weather and I was happy to give my body at least a taste of what I might be experiencing in Iowa. As I rode, I pictured in my mind riding through corn fields with their yellow tassles blowing in the breeze. I visualized miles of highway and rolling hills. I saw white farmhouses, red barns, grey silos and old beat up, rusted Chevy pick-up trucks. I imagined my back doing well from start to finish and the feeling of accomplishment I'll have upon reaching the Mississippi.

As I rode, I felt a sense of sadness knowing this was my last long ride on Amie before I had to take her to the bike shop to be boxed up. Boxing up the bike takes a couple of days and shipping requires at least 12 days. She'll arrive in Sioux City before I do and be assembled before I even get there.
Today, I just had time for a quick trip up to Mt. Tabor. As I rode along the bike streets, zig-zagging my way around the new freshly painted street markers I thought about how much I love Portland. I do this every time I leave for a trip...remember how much I love home. So as I rode I took pictures of roses, the symbol of my city.

When I got home I marked Amie up with a silver marker so the bike shop will know how to put her back together just like my PT and I like her. Then we loaded her on the car and I drove her to the bike shop with a twinge of sadness and worry in my chest. "This is sad," I said to Peter and the bike mechanic smiled. "It's hard to be away from her for a few days, huh?," he said. See you again in Iowa, Amie. Oh, what an adventure we'll have.

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