Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rest Day

I'm not very good at resting. I mean sure, I like a good movie or to sit and surf the web, but to go a whole day without exercising for me is next to impossible. I've been putting in lots of miles on both bikes plus doing a couple days a week on my elliptical (I'm trying to actually cross-train) and when I woke up this morning I knew it was time for a day off. Legs were t-i-r-e-d. Mentally, I didn't have much to draw on beyond mustering the incentive to walk my dog. So, I did that and came home and relaxed in our sauna. While I rested in the warm steamy heat, I stretched everything. Hamstrings (two ways), inner thighs (two ways), IT bands (two ways), hip flexors (two ways), glutes (two ways), quads (two ways), the gastrocnemius and soleus of the calf, and the low back. I couldn't believe how tight my leg muscles have gotten from so much time in the saddle and the very minimal stretching I do when I get done. It felt like each stretch in the 200+ degree heat (holding for a minute or two) was desperately needed and long overdue.

Thoroughly relaxed and stretched, I took a cold shower, dressed and collapsed into bed for a 30-minute nap. I awoke refreshed and restored. So, I hopped on my bike to get a few errands done before my afternoon and evening sessions. (I told you I wasn't very good at resting). It really wasn't a big ride (maybe 2.5 miles) and I just did that coasting kind a riding where you only apply a few needed pedals every so often. It was hot and I didn't feel like getting all sweaty again, anyway. But, I'm certainly not going to DRIVE to the library! :)

This weekend we are going camping in the mountains which feels like the first official step (unless you count our two nights sleeping in the back yard as our first official step) to becoming cycle tourists. By the way, the Exped sleeping mats were great. Very comfortable and easy to inflate and roll up the next day. We're car camping because we don't have panniers or a little tent (our tent is actually embarrasingly large - it might be bigger than our little bedroom in our bungalow). We want to buy our cycle touring supplies slowly so it doesn't feel like one gigantic expense. And, we want quality stuff so it will last for many trips. So, here's hoping that two nights in a campground in the mountains in Oregon will spark a love of camping that takes us on a 6-week trip through Europe in the (not-too) distant future. I, at least, am going to try to love it.

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