Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks, Susie

I named this diary The Well-Dressed Cyclist after coming home from Finland and being so impressed with how the people rode their bikes dressed so nicely. Over the course of the last year it has more become a journal of my road biking rides, because, well, a 50-mile ride is quite a bit more memorable than a quick jaunt to the library. But, I still make quick jaunts to the library and when I can I always try to look my best. I will, quite literally, ride my bike in anything. You name it. Cowboy boots, white jeans, high heels...I'll ride in it. I have one person to thank for everything I know about fashion and for (nearly) every cute outfit I ride in: my dear friend, truly one of the best friends I've ever had, Susie.

Susie is a consultant for a clothing design called CAbi and every season we do a little trade. I give her pilates sessions and she gives me these great clothes. Truthfully, we probably couldn't afford each other's services without the trade, but I think we do it for more than that reason. It's a way to make each other's lives just a little bit brighter. Susie is astoundingly good at her job and I hope that she appreciates her time with me moving and stretching her body in various assortments of angles and rotations.

Below are some pictures of me on and off the bike in clothes from Susie:

Yesterday, I traded riding time for time spent with Susie at my tiny little trunk show. We sipped prosecco topped with St. Germain and oohed and ahhed at how beautiful the clothes were. It's not just how great they look, it's also how great they feel. And, with each new outfit I saw or tried on I always had the same thoughts: "I wonder how this would be to ride in," or "This would look so cute on my bike." There is a pink coat in this new collection that makes me swoon...I'm truly quite giddy when I put it on. Picture of me riding my bike in it soon to follow.

I only had time to ride for an hour today thanks to a downed modem and a house-wide search for my keys. I rode up Tabor twice and could feel that my ride on Friday has boosted me to a whole new level of fitness. Six months ago I did my fastest Tabor ride (at the time) ever and was ecstatic when I finally punched through to 10 mph. Today I was doing close to 12 mph on a much steeper part. That might not seem like a lot, but on a hill that steep it really is.

The whole ride I was thinking about my party and Susie and how much I love her. She is one of the few people in the world that knows everything about me (both strengths and faults) and still loves me. That is truly a special thing. So, thanks Susie, for being such a wonderful and dear friend and for making me such a stylish, well-dressed cyclist.

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