Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make It A Perfect Year Party

It was a busy weekend filled with a sunshiny bike ride to Whole Foods on Thursday and dinner guests on Friday. Saturday promised my friends' Susie and Paul's Make It a Perfect Year Party and I had plans to wear a dress that prior to about a week ago I was too big to fit into. I'm actually not such a fashionista and if I look great on my bicycle it's all because of Susie and her great Carol Anderson clothes. But one of my clients mentioned on Wednesday that it is a major faux pas to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes. As luck would have it, my only fancy black dress shoes were opened toed. Not wanting to embarrass myself with a thing I had not even known a week ago was worth being embarrassed about, we hopped on our bikes and headed over to Nordstrom Rack downtown for some quick shopping. 30 minutes later, and a new pair of pointy toed sling back pumps, black pantyhose, a black scarf, and a pair of grey slacks and a thin fit button down shirt for Peter later, we were pedaling back across the river ready for our night out.

Here we are all dressed up for the party:

Riding in pointy toed sling back pumps is far easier than walking in them, so on goes the bike helmet.
And on to the bikes we go for a ride to Architectural Center in my dress, heels and my new brownish maroonish puffy coat that my parents got me for Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad!

The party was too much fun. Great food including crostini and salsas and asparagus wrapped with cheese. We both enjoyed the delicious red wine and I got to catch up with a few old clients. Soon, however, we had to go as Peter has to be up way before the crack of dawn on Sundays to work. As we were leaving and I was donning my helmet with light blinking and my coat these women called me over. "We've been admiring your beautiful floral dress," one of them said. "And now I see that you are riding a bicycle!" "Thank you," I said. "Riding in heels is easier than walking in them." And so we ventured home after a great night and a great weekend, filled with good wine, good food and the extra fun that comes with getting their by bike even dressed in your finest duds.

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