Friday, January 22, 2010

Bahn Mi

Late this morning we rode through the drizzle up to the top of Tabor, and then down the backside. We rode a few blocks east and south to a Vietnamise restaurant HA & VL for some Bahn Mi sandwiches. We both picked barbeque pork and sat down to wait for the sandwiches. Next to our table was the review of HA & VL and it said that the Vietnamese iced coffee was a must-try so we put in an order for that as well. The sandwich came on a crusty French hoagie roll with pork, pickled carrots, cucumber and cilantro. It was delicious. The iced coffee was the real surprise. Brewed strong and finished with a pinch of salt and condensed milk, it tasted like you were drinking custard.

After our lunch we rode a few doors down to Fu Bonn for some groceries. We stocked up on herbs, noodles, veggies and meat. We also got some new chopsticks and pho spoons. Somehow we managed to fit all of our groceries in our baskets and we happily rode home.

The picture above is me all dressed up for a girls party tonight and on my way out to the store for wine. Inspired by the bicyclists in Finland I always get a thrill out of being all dressed up on my bike.

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