Saturday, March 6, 2010

Picnic Ride

We set off today dressed in street clothes for a picnic on Mt. Tabor and Rocky Butte. I had Dexter in tow which makes my total weight 61 pounds and I certainly felt it on the way up to Tabor. Dexter gave a few dogs a good talking to on the way up which is always hilarious to hear.

At the top of Mt. Tabor we had our turkey and salami sandwiches washed down with Hansen's Diet Root Beer. Dexter had fun rolling around in the pine needles and making a royal mess of his sweater.

From Mt. Tabor we headed through the bike streets to the next cinder cone, Rocky Butte. It sure felt like a long climb up with a 17-pound dog on the back of your bike. At least a 1/3 longer than when I did it last week. But, after much strenous pedalling we were at the top. We had stopped at the Bi-Partisan Cafe for pie on the way over so we enjoyed our pie while looking out at the stunning mountain views. There was even a little view of Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Ranier.

As we sped down the mountain Peter got a great shot of Dexter looking back. We rode through the streets of NE across Burnside into SE and home. It was a lovely ride and a lovely picnic.

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