Saturday, June 5, 2010

38- Mile Loop

It is sunny in Portland! When we got up this morning, Peter opened the blinds and said, "I'm being blinded by this strange yellow orb outside our window. " We decided to do the 38-mile loop we had been talking about doing for months. As you can see from the picture above, (I cannot figure out how to get text in before the picture) we had a flat tire. About 8 miles into our ride my back tire just blew. Pop! We took turns getting my kevlar tires on and off the wheel. (Not an easy task). A really nice lady stopped to see if we needed help. In the picture, Peter is actually pointing and laughing at someone that was riding their bike with a dog running beside them. They were really moving too.

Our ride took us north to The Columbia Slough Bike Path and along Marine Drive. There are a couple of nice stretches where it is all bike path and the parts on the road are not too bad.
Hello, mountains! It's been a while. The river was beautiful especially on the little stretch just past I-205. There was hardly any sign of human habitation for a little while and I felt a little part of me breathe a sigh or relief. That is, I guess, no sign of human habitation except for the cyclists. That's alright with me though. :)

(Grass, water, trees, clouds, mountains and sky. Ahhhhhhhh!)

We came home on the I-205 bike path, stopping for sandwiches at Maywood Park which is darn cute. This was our second sandwich stop (the first was hummus, guacamole and lettuce sandwiches). This time was peanut butter (almond butter for Peter) and homemade blueberry jam.

We rode down to Division, up a little bit of Tabor and home. 37.9 miles. Awesome.

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