Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I set off this beautiful day today for a ride to see my physical therapist, Tony. I had felt a little discomfort in my back this morning, but after a little ice it felt pretty good. I love riding my bike downtown. There is something about the busy streets and pedestrians that focuses my mind and actually makes me feel relaxed. I find it interesting that my two favorite kinds of riding are hills and traffic. I recognize how odd that sounds.

My physical therapy felt good. Tony says I'm a superstar and he definitely thinks I could ride my bike from Paris to Stockholm. He said we should do some things to prepare, but he seemed more keen on the riding thing than on cardio dance. We'll see. I might have to hang up my dancing shoes.

On the way home I rode through Ladd's addition and stopped at New Season's for some dark chocolate and gevurtztraminer. Then I took off on the way home the long way. I was hungry and a taco was sounding really good. I hadn't had much to eat today so I went a little out of the way to my favorite taco stand for 3 tacos al pastor. In sticking with my low glycemic diet I opted for a fork over the tortillas, sighing at what a shame that was. They were as good as they always are...easily outdoing the American taco in beauty and flavor.

I always put on too much salsa so my mouth was on fire as I got ready to get back on my bike. I took out a square of Chocolove and challenged myself to make it the whole way home without finishing the square of chocolate. Pedalling through the streets, past the school, I felt happy. The chocolate was dwindling quickly in my fire hot mouth, but as I rounded the last curve and pedalled down the street I knew the chocolate was going to make it and I felt supremely content with myself not only for completing the challenge but for being so entertained by it. .

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