Friday, November 27, 2009

Tabor and Tacos

The day after Thanksgiving requires some activity in my book and if Mt. Tabor was any indication, others agree. The park was filled with families walking 4 or 5 across and it was nice to see. Of course, they were completely oblivious about cyclists so their aimless meandering required some careful navigation, especially on descents. We climbed the mountain two times, avoiding the steep side because of my back, but taking two different routes. After rounding the peak we headed back down the steep side stopping to take a picture of the moon.
As we headed back down we decided to check to see if the taco stand was open and it wasn't. So, we headed over to Powell's to pick up my new book, French Revolutions, hoping that it being Black Friday that it wouldn't be to busy. There was no line, however, so we were in and out.
Still craving a taco we headed east past our house to the other cart pod and secured ourselves each a taco al pastor and a chorizo taco. I also got us some guacamole for garnish. It was a very tomatillo rich guacamole so it was very light.
After reading the Hungry Cyclist our thoughts today have gone back to traveling by bike. I read an entire blog today about a family's trip across Europe and we're wondering if we could become accustomed to camping because it might be the only way we could afford 6 weeks in Europe. That remains to be seen, but it sure is fun to dream.

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