Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Feel Good

I take off yesterday for the mountain in the mood to work hard. It is a beautiful day again...60s and sunny. I am really moving, passing two cyclists on road bikes on my way to the park and by the time I get there I have a stitch in my side. Pleased with myself for having pushed it so hard I pick up the pace and power up the hill. A convertible passes me blasting James Brown singing "I Feel Good," and I couldn't agree more. The mountain is beautiful and clear and I stop for a shot which makes my stitch go away. I circle the top and head back down for a second pass, stopping on the way down to photograph a little vignette with stairs leading up to somewhere magical it seems.
My second time up I think about my client that inspired me to start riding and how she has ridden in every condition, rain, snow, hail. She admitted this morning on Facebook that she rode her trainer inside this morning and I gave her a hard time because it is absolutely freaking gorgeous outside! I start planning on how I'm going to kick her butt in her session tonight and start designing a circuit in my mind. It'll kick my butt too, but that's okay because I'm in the mood to work.
I circle the top again and then come down the steep side pleased with myself for being able to ride up the little hill and around the gate that is closed on Wednesdays. My first time up Tabor I had to get off and walk through the tiny opening on the side of the gate. As I leave the park and am about to cross the first main road I am stopped by a funeral procession. I watch it in its entirety and feel a little catch in my throat. It seems too beautiful today for a funeral.
I ride home, temporarily subdued, but before long the beautiful day has me feeling good again. I mentally sing a little James Brown and pedal with purpose having made one of my best times on a two hill Tabor ride.

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