Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There was a rainbow today as I was riding up to Mt. Tabor for a massage with my amazing massage therapist, Taya. It was just the very bottom right portion of the rainbow but it was right in front of me as I was riding east to Taya's house. The little bit of the rainbow you could see was low enough that in a picture you would notice all the power lines in front of it. So, I was content just to enjoy how pretty it was as I pedaled up, up, up the hill. Taya actually lives on the same street as me, only 46 blocks east, but I take a small detour to the south to ride through the park on the way.

As I pedaled up I thought of Taya's beautiful greyhound, Chico and decided that a picture of Chico would be my beautiful thing for today. I have a thing for greyhounds. I love their graceful lines and their athletic beauty. Chico doesn't appear to realize what a stunning dog he is...he just acts like a dog. Maybe that is part of what I like so much about him. When we got there I asked Taya if she would take a picture of me with Chico and she got a great shot of him giving me a kiss. Taya said that last year she took her camera with her every time she went for a walk in the park. There is something about just having the camera that changes the way you experience the world. I can see why we are becoming fast friends.

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