Friday, April 23, 2010

Animal Moments

I call them Animal Moments. They are the times when I lose track of myself and get lost in what I'm doing. You know, when you catch yourself singing a ridiculous song and doing an equally ridiculous dance about something like...macaroni and cheese. Or, when the first taste of really good pizza hits your taste buds and all you can do at that moment in time is eat that pizza. You don't even think about eating the just eat. I think one reason I am so fond of wildlife is that they seem to do this naturally; almost constantly. I, on the other hand, almost always have something weighing on my mind. I seem to be an almost endless ball of worry and regret. Except when I'm on my bike.

We did about 25 miles today in a combo fitness/lunch/grocery ride. I had something on my mind today...something I felt bad about. But, whenever I was riding I was relaxed, peaceful and happy. I was smelling the pollen in the air, admiring great blue herons in the water, feeling the rumble of my very heavy bicycle underneath me and conversing with my husband. It is the closest I ever get to the way a dolphin jumps out of the water and dives gracefully back in. It's the closest I ever get to an elephant splashing dust over himself on a hot August day. It's the longest I ever go experiencing Animal Moments and I am so grateful that I live in a time where bicycling is seeing a resurgence. And, it's the reason when I'm riding my bike with a lot of automobile traffic I often think, "You people don't know what you are missing."

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