Monday, April 5, 2010

Japanese Umbrellas

The Japanese love umbrellas. When we were leaving the other night, the concierge ran to give us an umbrella because it was drizzling outside. Being from Portland, we declined. It rained all day today and I just kept getting a tickle out of how many cyclists I saw riding with umbrellas. It is the only real rain "gear" they have and some of them even had a contraption that attached the umbrella to the handlebars. I absolutely must see if I can find one of these at a bicycle shop.

At this point, I've seen many road bikers decked out from head to toe in racing gear. I've seen a few bikes locked to things but most of the bikes are still just locked to themselves. There are big covered bike parking lots in apartment buildings too.


  1. Oh to live in a place where people understood how good cycling is for commuting

  2. It seems to be almost everywhere but the US. One of the greatest bicycling cities in the world is Oulu, Finland at that is pretty close to the Arctic circle!

    Portland is doing pretty great with bike commuting, but you certainly wouldn't expect to see your bike again if you just left it locked to itself. Too bad, because I think we all deserve to live in a place where you could do that.