Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That Vacation Feeling

Oh, that vacation feeling. How does one make it last? I had what should have been a very stressful morning, but somehow it just rolled off my back. And, when I got on my road bike today with my camera in my back pocket there was no way I was going to be able to rush. I must have seen 25 beautiful things worth photographing and I stopped for nine. My pace was leisurely, my mind was almost blank. I was enjoying my new stem that puts me in an even more upright position. My back was feeling very good. I was happy.

I rode to the top of Tabor and down my favorite descent past the reservoir and I passed an old Asian woman doing exercises while holding an umbrella just in case it would start to drizzle. Having fallen in love with the Japanese umbrella culture this really tickled me. In fact, I came home from Tokyo, on Saturday, with a new nifty attachment for my commuter bike. It attaches to the handlebars and holds an umbrella up over your head as you ride. I recognize that this is very un-Portland, but I love it and can't wait to do a ride in the rain somewhere with my new toy. In fact, I got one for Leslie too and we're going to do a little outing. A picture of the two of us with our umbrellas is sure to follow.

I also got both of us skirt guards and now I think my red bike could not be more outfitted. I'd love a more complete chain guard, but I've heard those are next to impossible to find for American bikes. Perhaps a Dutch or Danish city bike with a step-through frame and a wicker basket is on the horizon. For now, I couldn't be more pleased with my life and my bikes.

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