Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cycling in Flip-Flops

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to hop on my bike and ride. Like I did when I was a kid...because it's fun and beautiful and it's what makes me happy. I was not in the mood for the whole road bike thing with the chamois shorts and Chamois Butt'r. In fact, I really wasn't even in the mood for shoes. Having giant size 11 feet, my hatred of shoes started early. It's hard to find shoes that fit. And, so, I'm a flip-flop girl. I walk miles and miles and miles (I think the most was 12 miles in one day) in my flip-flops. Don't tell my PT.

Cycling in flip-flops is a skill. You learn that the first time you come up over a big hill, start to pedal just a little too fast and swoosh! off flies your footwear. It takes good shifting technique to make sure you always have just the right pressure to keep your shoes on. That's good for me because I used to be a horrendous shifter. I'm sure both my bikes thank me, now that I've done a little studying and have made some improvements.

So, today as I was riding and enjoying the sunshine I paid attention to the other riders wearing flip-flops. They were all like me, in street clothes, riding leisurely. "My people," I thought happily although I was the only one in a helmet. I rode downtown, did a little shopping, and rode along the river. I saw lots of families walking and riding together. Knowing how much riding helps my mental and emotional state it always pleases me greatly to see parents sharing it with their kids.

Riding home I went past our local park and it was absolutely packed with people out enjoying the sunshine. I pulled into the house, a little sweaty from climbing up from the river, but mentally refreshed. Nothing like a flip-flop ride on a sunny, warm day, riding my bicycle in a very Portland way.

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