Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Ride in the Rain

Today was my first ride in the rain. It was a drizzling rain, not a driving rain, but there was some wind so it gave me a chance to test out my winter gear. I rode cautiously, making sure my tires kept rolling and giving myself plenty of time to stop. My goal was to go to the top of Mt. Tabor only once because of the weather and because of time constraints.

My knees were feeling cold by the time I got to the park and my hands were cool, but everything else was toasty warm. I had on my Finnish hat under my helmet and it worked like a charm. I stopped to take a picture of the view to the east at the first vista. The mountain is behind the clouds so the the city in the foreground becomes my focus. I didn't even notice how pretty the city looks before because all my focus went to the distant mountain. A thing worth pondering, that is.

As I pedal further up I reach a stretch that is totally dry because it is covered by Douglas firs. The wind blows through the firs and the sound takes me back to camping in the Black Hills 11 years ago with Peter and my cousin Paul. The sound is as soothing as ocean waves.

I make my way up the third portion of the climb, this time crunching pine cones under my tires occasionally. At the top, I stop to take a picture of the giant statue, pointing east. I've never taken the time to learn who it is. Too bad the picture didn't turn out. Since entering the park, I still haven't passed a soul. The city is dressed in fog so I pedal by and make my way down the shallow side of the mountain. I pass a couple of women dressed in rain coats and rain hats and say, "Morning." "Morning," they reply with huge grins.

Coming down the hill, I realize that I had completely forgotten about being cold and wet and feel supremely content with myself for that. I stop and take a couple more pictures of the changing trees. I need a kickstand. I make a promise to myself to try to find something beautiful to photograph on every long ride.

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