Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Fine Day

I woke up this morning with wanderlust. I just wanted to see something new. Live somewhere new. Well not completely new, but I had a dream last night that I discovered a beautiful new floor to my house. It was full of light, with hardwood floors and I moved my studio up there.

So, I decided to ride somewhere new. I first rode over to the cart pod on Hawthorne and got a veggie chorizo burrito which I ate half of. Then I rode over to Ladd's Addition which is a neighborhood shaped like a wheel with spokes coming out of the central garden. I rode the spokes each time coming back to the center and stopped at some beautiful rose gardens for some pics.

Later in the day I rode up Mt. Tabor to my massage therapist's house and had a great massage. As I was riding up the rain started coming down, but it was still sunny. I looked everywhere for rainbows but couldn't find one. It didn't matter, it was still so pretty. After I was getting dressed after massage I felt I couldn't agree more with the little sign she has displayed, "It's a Fine Day After All."

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