Monday, October 19, 2009

Salmon Statue

I set off this morning dressed in my new biker chick socks, shoe covers and reflective vest for a quick ride on Mt. Tabor. I am feeling happy and content today with my life and thinking of nothing more interesting than what I am going to eat for lunch. I contemplate going for some sushi but ended up eating a grilled cheese with gruyere.
It is a foggy day that becomes most apparent when I have climbed the hill. I try to take a few pictures, but it is early so they don't turn out. I look to the west from the top and see only gray where the city is supposed to be.
On the way home I stop by the beautiful salmon statue above for a picture. The statue is carved out of a tree trunk and right behind the tail fin of the salmon clover is growing. I've been saving this statue for a day like today when it is hard to get a pretty shot.
I pedal home weaving my way past the library and the school feeling happy and lucky to have such a great life.

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