Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sellwood Park

The city just before dawn

Sellwood Park

Fun building along the way

It was still dark when I set off this morning down towards the river. My muscles were tired for doing hours of toning work yesterday with my clients, so I wasn't up for a big hill. Riding the river is nice because it is all bike paths so you can ride for miles without cars. I really didn't need to exercise much because I did so much yesterday but I just wanted to be out in the fresh air. Riding for me is a sense of exhilaration and freedom and is worth doing even if my muscles are a little sore.
As I ride south along the river I pass many commuters on their way downtown. Most of them look focused and serious and are riding with purpose. I even saw a woman on a recumbant bike with a tent-like thingie draped over her entire bike. I actually laughed out loud to see this little head poking up from this floating tent on wheels.
I make my way south to Sellwood Park and down to the river. Across the river are a row of houseboats and behind them a giant hill filled with changing trees. A man is fishing in the river and dogs are running free in the park. I snap a few pictures and head home.
Along the way back, past the amusement park, I notice this odd-looking building across the pond with birds painted all over it. I've ridden this path many times and never noticed it, but somehow with a camera in my pocket I couldn't miss it. I snap a picture and marvel at how such a simple tool can actually change the way you experience the world.

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