Monday, October 12, 2009

Morning Ride

I set off this morning with my camera to capture Mt. Tabor at sunrise. As I rode off I thought of Finland and what a wonderful trip we had. For breakfast I had a Finnish breakfast again of a slice of ham, carrots, peas, pickles, an egg and oatmeal. I approximated forest fruit tea by adding a little mixed berry sauce and lingonberry jam to my green and white tea. Finland had such wonderful bike paths, but this morning it didn't matter. I was the only one on the road most of the time although I did pass a few bikers.
As I made my way up the steep side of the mountain I noticed a cluster of bushes that was a deep bright orange and tried to get a pic of it. Too dark. I turned the corner for the hardest stretch and passed the spot I had watched the sunrise at two days ago. The sunrise wasn't spectacular, but I got a decent shot of it. At the next clearing were two photographers, one being the one I saw last time. "Howdy, " I said as I passed by. I noticed my l-o-n-g shadow on the pavement and tried mightily to get a shot of it. Riding and photographing is not easy. I gave up and ascended the rest of the hill, altering my path slightly as I rode to crunch the leaves under my wheels. Just like bubblewrap, I thought.
As I rounded the top I saw the perfect shot of my shadow and nailed it. The city was beautiful too, coming to life and the sun lit it up. I headed back down and up the steep side to check on the sunrise and the sun and peeked up over the top right side of the mountain. If I had come yesterday it would have been directly over the point of it. I need to remember October 11 for next year to get a photo of that. I noticed one of the photographers packing up his gear in a backpack and heading down as I made it up the second time. Good for him, I thought.
My third trip down the hill I stopped for the picture of the flower above. Hydrangea, I think. A beautiful red head walked past me as I took the picture and said, "Good morning," with a smile. I missed that in Finland, I thought. A smile as you pass a stranger can do wonders. I made my way back up, this time up the shallower ascent taking stock of what is warm and cold on this 44 degree morning. Chest: warm. Arms: too warm, need a vest instead of long sleeves under my jacket. Legs: warm. Feet: big improvement with the wool socks my mom gave me. Ears:too cold, definitely need an ear warmer. Hands: perfect, but these Finnish gloves won't work very well in the rain. Face: grinning. Must be warm enough.
On the way back down I take the hill that goes by the resevoirs and stop for some pictures. Portland really is beautiful, I think. I make my way home past the library and the school. The bell rings and scares the daylights out of me just as I pass the door. Dexter barks as I ride down the driveway welcoming me home and undoubtedly wondering why I went without him.

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