Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Riding with Peter

Patches woke me up this morning at 5:50 with a string of constant yelling. She was demanding food and since I wanted to get up early I was happy to oblige. Peter was sound asleep so I tried to be quiet while I made myself breakfast. He woke up at 7am and I asked him if he wanted to join me for a ride to Tabor. He said yes and quickly ate and dressed since I had clients this morning and needed to get moving.

Riding with a partner is more conversational and less observational than riding alone. As we navigated our way through the chestnut strewn streets we pondered living abroad. We do this everytime we come home from Europe. Today we are thinking about the town of Grenoble in France where they have a silicon-based fab where Peter would be qualified to work. It is just a musing, but it musing is what we are good at.

Upon entering the park I try for the third time to get a picture of the orange bushes above and it finally turned out. No photographers today...too cloudy. We climb to the top stopping once to adjust Peter's bike which we call "The Crusher" because it is so tempermental. It really needs a new deraileur and shifter...the tires and frame and brakes seem to work fine though. :)

We head down the shallower side and back up one more time and then head home because I need to take a shower before work. We are amazed at how relaxed we are. In everything we have done since we have gotten home, including biking, we have been mellower. I could really use a two week vacation every month.

This afternoon we went for a short ride to the record store to pick up the new David Byrne album and snapped a couple pictures of us in our street clothes on our bikes. I think Peter, especially, looks like a well-dressed cyclist in his new corduroy jacket from Finland.

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